July 1, 2021
The Green Legacy Initiative

Ethiopia aims to plant 20 billion trees by 2022. Like this, the growing sector of eco-tourism gets promoted. The Initiative will start now and continue until September and October this year.

Image: CHUTTERSNAP on unsplash

Over 10 billion trees were planted in the first two years of the “Green Legacy” project, which started in 2019 as a four-year challenge. The Initiative aims to address, amongst other things, the consequences of environmental degradation and climate change.  
The campaign, which is led by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, plans to plant 6 billion trees across the country in 2021, and 20 billion trees by 2022. This year, the Ethiopian Government furthermore plans to send one billion seedings to neighboring countries.

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May 10, 2021
Pineapple leafs meets Fashionomics Africa Competition

The female led African brand „Pine Kazi“,which converts pineapple leafs and recycled rubber into fashionable footwear, is the inspiring winner of the first Fashionomics Africa Contest and won $2,000

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November 8, 2020
Open Call started

The Covid-19 pandemic will have far-reaching effects on the international economy and local markets in the long term. Companies are therefore challenged to find sales markets and growth opportunities despite the current situation.

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