About the Brand

SAMRA as a company has started in 2012by designer Samrawit Mersiehazen with a great passion for leather and leatherbags, as a child at the age of 8 or 9 when she made plastic bags mixed with oldfabric for her brother as a school bag SAMRA has participated in differentinternational fashion shows and trade fairs including Las Vegas, BerlinMercedes Benz fashion week and Paris Fashion. The company stands fororiginality and uncompromising designs and includes itself with an eco-friendlyenvironment leaving no waste products to be dumped, all scraps will be used asan input for small accessories and floor mats. SAMRA has been selected as bestbag designer and manufacturer to supply for African heads of State minsters andleader at peace and security meeting for three consecutive years, and now SAMRAhas become one of the leading luxury brands in Africa.




Our Goals

●      Becoming one of the leadinghigh quality leather product brands

●      Implementing a sustainable andethically fashion concept as a business model


Samra Leather

Addis Ababa